I have been making tremendous progress on the action part of my IG 2019. I had even written in that I was offered a new position as early as december. This past week has been very confusing and challenging. I was offered the EXACT position that was my IG 2019 much to my own amazement since I am a complete newbie and this is a near leadership position. I felt so accomplished. Then I saw the job description on paper and all my hours are the evening and weekend hours. Precious times with my family that I am not willing to trade in for anything in the world. So i declined the position, I thought at that time from a place of clarity and power. But the last few days, I feel like a deflated balloon. There is no spring in my step. Without my IG 2019 to pursue, Im sad and confused. On a good note I have experienced that the true joy comes from the action and anticipation and not from the results(like Brooke always says). I also know that once I am neck deep in action, the results just flow in. So my questions are
1. Do I set another IG 2019 and start going all in? I had already decided to give this goal a full year and if I did not land on it to enroll for coach training with you next year. Is this a sign to fast track that??
2. Is this an epic fail- but I said no??
3. In other words, do you ever set a goal, nearly achieve it and let go of it to move on- just take the lessons in it with you?
I need some direction to move forward, please.