IG Models – Take 2 (ER)

Thank you for your help on my last models for my IG. Can you tell me a little more about how hopeful is a feeling that relies on something external happening to create something? It’s not 100% clear to me.

Here are my new unintentional and intentional models. Can you let me know if I’m on the right track with them? Thank you so much!

Unintentional Model
C: $100K net income in 2019
T: I can’t even imagine making $100K in a year.
F: stuck, overwhelmed
A: Don’t take any actions, except maybe buffer with Netflix and Facebook.
R: I don’t make $100K in 2019.

Intentional Model
C: $100K net income in 2019
T: There are so many ways I can make $100K in a year.
F: creative, inspired
A: I take a lot of different actions to make $100K in a year.
R: I make $100K in 2019 through different ways.