IG Q1 Epic Fails

I am still working on my list of epic fails but wanted to get feedback on my list so far. IG $140k

– Make 15 offers for a website at $3500
– Allow 100 urges to go off calendar
– Reconcile budgets weekly
– Allow 100 urges to overspend
– Have 25 people on my email list
– Get a full-time job making $70k
– Pay off $5k debt
– Generate $10k in my business
– Complete MHO and FHD weekly
– Don’t accumulate any more debt
– Complete “Making Money with the Model” and workbook
– Complete 2k + workbook
– Host an Office Hours with 10 people
– Get coached 2/week in SCS
– Do a TDL and 1 set of models each week day
– Meet 30 new coaches and tell them I’m a web designer
– Have 5 job interviews
– Apply for 20 jobs

I am currently working on applying for jobs and I cannot seem to get myself to actually do it.

C: $140k by Dec 31, 2021 goal
T: I cannot get myself to apply for jobs
F: stuck
A: don’t apply for jobs
R: I do not apply for any jobs and make no progress towards my impossible goal