I’ve received my December materials (that will be my 3rd month). It feels impossible to me that I can stop drinking wine. I put this into today’s work:

C IG is to stop drinking wine in 2020
T I can’t do it
F Deflated
A Buffer with wine, think about how many times I tried to do it, best myself up about the past tries, fail before I try, ruminate on my brokenness and inability to do it, give up
R I don’t even try to do it

C IG is to stop drinking wine in 2020
T 2020 is the year I put this to bed for good
F Determined
A Do my daily work, research non alcoholic drink options, get support when needed, be kind to myself during process, use urge jar, stay the course
R I get to my IG

Deflated is an indulgent emotion. It keeps me powerless and stuck. It causes me to just give up before I really even try.

Determined is what I want to feel. I know this can be done; it’s been done before by Brooke and Rachel and many others. If they can do it so can I. It’s not too hard and I need to stop giving myself a pass when it gets tough. A glass of wine is not more powerful than me. I want to make myself proud.

Is this the right idea?