There is nothing more terrifying to me than to be ignored by a person that was once giving me lots of attention. It puts on a spin for the loss of relationship. It is a grief process of losing something.

I am trying to live without attachment in processing a break up. Just observe and not get too serious. See the cues in the relationship that the other is losing interest. But when it comes to accepting it, it’s quite a challenge of not letting my thoughts go to beating myself up “I did something wrong.”

Why is being ignored so painful to me? How can I can be more confident when someone jumps ship (abandons the relationship)? Where is my empowerment coming from? How do I validate myself through this process and play on repeat my desire to overcome? What courses would you recommend on grief and loss?  What course teaches validation of self by internal seeking as the source of truth?

C: Can you live without attachment
T:My turn to rest in the relationship and do nothing
A: We need each other, seek connection
R: I resist attachment and work more than flow into it

T: I am not attached to the outcome
T: I maintain my happy place in relationships
T: I want to be the stronger emotionally person in the relationship