Illogical belief

Through reading the “If I’m so smart book” I found an illogical belief about myself. It is definitely not serving me and I’m so glad I am reading this book because it got me right at this point where I can change this belief and believe something different.

The illogical belief very much surrounds my abilities and the tasks I do or don’t accomplish in my life.

Today, I did a thought download on “What do I want to think about myself and accomplishing tasks (getting things done)?”:

-That I have the ability to get anything done that I want to when I put my mind to it.
-That I am separate from “tasks” and getting things done does not in any way define anything about me.
-There is more to getting things done that “just doing it” and I am the kind of person who allows things to be more complex or less complex than they originally seemed.
-I am worthy, amazing, and good enough exactly as I am.
-I am worthy, amazing, and good enough whether I accomplish a task or not.
-I am the only one who can decide whether I will or won’t do something.
-I am the only who can decides what it means when I do or don’t do something.