I’m 67. Should I become a coach?

I’m 67 1/2 and a physician who works 2 days weekly. I am financially secure. In the past 3 years, I have been divorced after 43 years of marriage, sold my house, lost 30 lbs (working on the last 9 lbs), and moved in with my boyfriend who is 70 and retired. Life coaching has helped me lose weight.

Even though unexpected, I handled my divorce well and many have told me that I inspire them. I navigated online dating, found a wonderful relationship, and have a meaningful job (doing child abuse evaluations for the past 3 years). I would like to learn the life coach skills and consider doing it part-time, probably working for someone else.

Does this make sense at my age? My parents are both in their 90s and living independently. Most of the life coaches are a lot younger and I’m not sure about where my niche would be.