I’m all alone / I’m not alone 2

Thank you so much for your answer to my question. So valuable.

You tell me: “Without changing the circumstances of what happened yesterday, ask yourself “What would love do?”
How would your experience have been different if you were showing up from this space?”

This is the new model I wrote (starting in putting “love” in F line):
C: Husband working on his computer saying: “I want to finish this”.
T I love him exactly the way he is
F love
A understand that he genuinely wants to finish his work, accept that we can talk later, observe myself and my needs, observe him and his needs, tell myself a story where things are exactly how they need to be
R create an experience I love

But I really don’t believe the thought “I love him exactly the way he is”. I guess this is the thought I could think to feel love in this situation.
So, I can keep this thought in my mind and think:
“I could think I love him exactly the way he is”
“I’d like to think I love him exactly the way he is”
“It would be nice if I thought that I love him exactly the way he is.”

I feel a lot of resistance because I’d like to be comforted sometimes and have conversations about our feelings. Should I stop wanting that from my husband and decide to give it to myself? (through coaching or self-coaching for example?) My brain is telling me that it would make me resigned and alone in this…

Thank you very much!