I’m doing thought work wrong

I noticed that I have the thought that “I’m doing thought work wrong.” This seems to be a thought based on another thought that says, “I should feel better,” and, “I should be making more progress.”

For example:
C: Vibration in body of feeling stuck exists (I also know this isn’t completely neutral)
T: I’m doing thought work wrong.
F: Frustrated (stuck)
A: I try harder at doing the same things, I don’t open myself up to other ways of doing things.
R: I create more frustration and stuck feelings.

If I felt better, I wouldn’t have the thought that I’m doing thought work wrong. But when I think I’m doing thought work wrong, I feel bad, and that continues this loop. This feels almost like a glitch in my brain, a strange loop my brain is stuck on.

Because I can see that as soon as I tell myself, “I’m doing thought work right,” the grip loosens and I stop feeling so stuck, and then I can prove to myself that, “Hey, I am doing thought work right.” This is like a thought-about-a-feeling loop. Does that make sense?

Now I’m actually wondering – my “C” line isn’t neutral at all. All it is is “vibrations in body” – my THOUGHT is that those vibrations mean “stuck.”

Some bridge thoughts are:
– There are a lot of things that I do right.
– “Right and wrong” is actually quite arbitrary; I get to decide that for myself.
– I can decide at any moment that I’m doing it right.
– I can decide that I’m 100% confident that I’m doing thought work right at any time.

I’m trying to move into an intentional model here, but I think something is off.

C: Vibrations in my body
T: I’m doing thought work 100% right.
F: Relieved
A: Live my life.
R: I do my thought work 100% right?

All I’m sure of at this point is that thinking I’m doing thought work wrong is not a helpful thought and creates more feelings about which I have more thoughts. When I just decide I’m doing it right, because I believe that ultimately I’m the arbiter of what’s right or wrong in my own life, I feel way better.

Does this make sense?