“I’m fat” Follow Up

Thank you to who responded to my question. They suggested I play with a new belief.

C “I’m fat” thought
T Yah I am and that’s not a problem
F Amused
A kind of giggle in my head because I actually have very little extra fat on me, think about something else in my day. Move on and go forward with my day. Don’t think about what I ate yesterday, how much I should workout, should myself, or beat myself up.
R ? Prove the belief true it’s not a problem because I continue on with my day doing what I want and love.

I do think part of my brain wants to argue and say “no I’m not” (I think I may still not think fat is neutral?)

To get me to the place of believing it’s neutral what bridge thoughts could I try?

– I’m open to believing fat is neutral?

Thank you!