I’m going on holiday!

I have a really exciting long awaited holiday coming up. I’m worried about gaining weight and getting obsessive about food. I’m currently bouncing around my goal weight but I’ve been doing a lot of buffering with food and alcohol so I’m not completely dialed into my protocol. My holiday is in 2 weeks and it’s for 2 weeks.
It’s in Thailand and I love Thai food. It’s also a group holiday so we will be eating with people I have traditionally overeaten with in the past.
And there will be a lot of drinking.
I’m prepared to stay away from sugar and flour but I’m worried what the effect of a few beers a day is going to have on how I feel and look.

I don’t mind gaining a bit of weight but I’m scared I’ll go completely off the rails and land up really uncomfortable bloated and miserable.

I think I’m probably over thinking and indulging in worry and confusion.

If I just plan to have 2 meals a day no sugar no flour and max 3 beers a day I’m thinking I should be able to enjoy myself with minimal negative effects.
I still want to eat noodles a couple of times though so need to include that.

In the past eating and drinking has been the highlight of my holidays. I’m trying to move my attention to other experiences and also to not buffer the inevitable imperfect times along the way.

Your advice is always so helpful.
Thanks in advance x