I’m going to resign from my job

I’m having trouble being patient and keeping things positive while I wait for the right time to leave my job. I’ve decided to go in July as I’ll get a bigger payout, and some leadership changes will be resolved by then, it also gives me time to prepare to start my own business. I like my reasons for the delay but I keep becoming frantic to just quit and walk away.

C: I have decided to resign from my job in July
T: I can’t wait that long, it’s unbearable
F: impatient
A: Say too much to my colleagues about my plan, letting too many people know I’m not happy. Disengage from my work, as if it doesn’t matter any more. Withdraw and underperform.
R: My impatience gets stronger.

The result I really want is to leave my job on a positive note, retaining friendships and connections and keeping a good relationship with my former bosses.

I just can’t find the feeling or thought to cultivate!