I’m having difficulty finding the C in my models and because of it I avoid doing thought downloads because they are difficult.

Hi there! I’m finding that I am having trouble finding the circumstance to my models. For instance, I’m doing one right now and I seem to be stuck.

My initial thought was:

“I’m not doing anything important or meaningful with myself or my life.”

I put it in the “T-line”. I then decided that this thought makes me feel “stuck, useless and unimportant” and I put that in the “F-line”

I then tried to discover what circumstances is causing this thought and feeling and nothing came to me so I moved on. In the “A-line” I wrote “NO ACTION” and in the “R-line” I wrote “NO RESULT”.
Is it possible that for some issues, there is no circumstance? It just is? How do you Differentiate between thought and circumstance because MOST people would all agree that I’m not doing anything with my life. I’m not working and I haven’t worked in a long time. I don’t really have any hobbies, and I married a rich doctor and I’m literally just coasting.