I’m Hiring: Assistant to Brooke Castillo

We are hiring a full time virtual (you work from home) position at The Life Coach School.  This is an employed position with full health benefits, six weeks vacation, and an education budget.  It’s a salaried position (75k per year) with bonus options.  Expectation is for 40 hours over seven days-as some weekend support will be needed.

This is a fast paced job that is ever changing and dynamic. A good candidate will have the following:

Great tech skills . (You know how to update a website, manage social media sites, edit an audio.)
Ability to work under pressure.  (Things change fast around here.)
Resourceful (This job gives very little direction and result expectation is high.)
Detailed (I’m not, so I really need you to be.)

They will be in line with our top three values:

1. Be an example of what is possible.  (Best. Assistant. Ever.)
2. Be Fun. (If we aren’t laughing half the time-forget it.)
3. Be Blue Collar (At the school-we work hard. period.)


Manages my calendar and when I teach
Manages any speaking engagements or events I participate
Manages all person emails and requests
Manages Friday Coach Like
Handles all my daily requests personal and business
Hires contractors for me for projects within business and personal
Executes my rough work into finished projects using contractors
Does research for me as needed
Available most of the time-40 hours spread around throughout seven days
Can help monitor facebook on weekends
Post Podcast to Social Media
Can support with website updates
Can provide back up to customer service
Updates my processes in Sweet Process
Creates reports as needed

Manages all my business and personal travel (per guidelines)
Makes personal appts
Coordinates with staff for home projects

Uploads videos and audios as needed
Proofreads all documents
Writes content as needed and or dictated
Produces transcripts as needed
Manages Zoom account for personal meetings
Does all communication on behalf of Brooke

Keeps my personal content and LCS content very organized and easily accessible

Provides support to Chris as needed
Provides support as requested by me to other team members

If you are interested in this job, send me a media package telling me why you are the best fit, when you can start, and an example of your tech skills.  [email protected]