I’m just happy, now what?

I know this is a “luxurious” problem to have and since life is 50/50 I also know it won’t last.

But I have really internalized that there is not better than here. I am happy now. I’m satisfied now. I’m abundant now.

However, it has lead to everything slowing down. I don’t feel very motivated to achieve my goals because the goals won’t make me any happier nor do I have a desire to be “happier”. I don’t really care about my goals. Not because I don’t think I can achieve them, but because the reason for doing so is super weak. I even struggle to find anything I truly want to do with my time. I’m enjoying my life and everything is great… I’m not in a hurry to change anything.

And since I know my worthiness is 100% always and I get to choose exactly what to do with my life… how do I choose? How do I know?

I’m not passionate about giving or helping or making a difference or leaving a legacy or anything that most people seem to be so passionate about.

Are there any worksheets or exercises I can use to help me figure this out? Because I would like to have a goal to work towards from this wonderful place of abundance… but there’s nothing that feels really important or necessary for me to do.