I’m looking for the contrasting thought that feels better…it’s hiding

I’m launching a course with a friend and feelings sooo many feelings. I’ve been doing the daily contrast model but am having a hard time finding my way out of this web right now.

Here are some of my thoughts:
-My to-do list isn’t getting shorter
-I am going to let my friend down
-It’s difficult to be creative when I feel anxious
-Our free content leading up to the course isn’t right but now we have 5 days until the training starts and way too many other things to do
-If our training isn’t right, it won’t matter how great the sales copy is
-I’m don’t feel connected with the course well enough to write the sales copy
-I’m so focused on writing the sales stuff that I’m missing this precious promotion window of showing up with free value
-I’m not going to hit my sales goals because I haven’t gotten enough registrations
-What’s the point of all of this work and internal conflict if I’m not even going to make any money
-If these are the feelings that come with being an entrepreneur, I don’t know if I can handle it!

I want to feel peaceful excitement.

I want to find that groove where I know I have a lot to do but I accomplish each one like the Tasmanian devil and sit back at the end of the day amazed how things came together. == I notice I find this groove when I have a lot to do but I’m not 100% sure what triggers it and how to make it happen like today-ish!

Thoughts I’ve been using:
-I know exactly what I’m doing
-New opportunity and growth will always feel different
-I have a plan and know exactly what I need to do

I’ve been putting in the C column, “we launch next week”…nothing in the T column has really helped yet though, can you help me model this?

I also have a session with a tutor booked…so I’m working this thought bump from all angles 🙂