I’m looking for help with a model where the circumstance is: 1 1/2 year old puppy is killed.

My daughter and I both LOVE you –both binge on you podcast and SCS content. We need your help.
How would you create a model when the circumstance is:
1 ½ year old puppy is killed.
My daughter and her husband got this puppy before they were married –Milo was their baby! They’re in the process of both moving to Denver but right now Taylor is in South Dakota and Jordan is in Denver. Milo got run over at our house on our farm in South Dakota last night.
After processing the sadness, can you offer some helpful thoughts? And a helpful model?
I know that you know that there are different levels of loving a dog. Taylor & Jordan’s love for Milo is right up there with how you love your dogs….
We’re processing deep sadness this weekend.