I’m manifesting tuition for LCS :)

Hi Brooke and/or her amazing coaches!

I’m under the impression this question is annoying (it gets skipped over in every live coaching call, haha!!!), but I need help with my thoughts about this.

Ive been trying to get my business to the point where I can afford LCS. It’s something I think about every single day, no exaggeration. And every time I watch a new webinar about it, I tear up and I ask out loud, “How? How can i manifest this for myself?”

I have a small membership and it’s been a very rocky start, and you know how the universe loves to DISH IT when you’re actively moving toward your goals and dreams!! 😉

I’ll just say for the purpose of brevity, it’s been….. rough!

Lately I’m considering just paying for a cheap course on like Udemy to get a “certificate”, even though that feels kind of icky, but at least it has coaching training, which is the exact REASON I want to go to LCS… to know how to actually coach someone else. And THEN maybe I can finally save up for LCS?

Any insight? Thought download help?

Thanks so much.