I’m new. How to practice my intentional model?

I had my first private coaching session today with Janet. Yay! I came up with a new intentional model, based on my session, like this:

C: We made $15k last year, while I was working 75% time in addition to my business.

T: I’m open to believing that we will make $100k by July 2021.

F: Willing. Curious.

A: Massive action on SEO to rank higher, to get more eyes on our site, more referrals and trip sales. Learn how to market effectively. Produce a product for Tibet travel? Develop a new business re: manifesting? [This A line is to be thought out and filled out later.]

R: Make $100k on our business by 7/2021

So here’s my question. I’m not really sure what to do with this now. I’m thinking that I try to practice the new thought and feel how it feels as many times a day as possible. The A line is going to require some deep thought and more models. But for this new thought, I would love any guidance on how to “work” it, how to practice it into belief. Or if there are resources that offer guidance on this in the vault?

Thanks so much!!! Xo