I’m new but I’m changing my focus already

Hi Brooke,
I originally signed up for over eating. I had a 10 minute coaching call w. Krista (amazing) to discuss the thought I was constantly having that I was trying to avoid dealing with over drinking first because I told myself I needed to learn the technique on over eating. In reality I made my focus over eating because I was truly terrified to try and stop over-drinking…and I knew that I really should be dealing with that. So I have decided to switch. I am working through the exercises and find the videos very helpful but I am having problem with planned drinking…I completely understand why I need to do the planning but here is an example of plan I have:
1. Date of planned drinking – Jan 10, 2018
2. What will I drink – red wine
3. How many will I drink – 4 glasses
4. Why have I decided to drink – I have not planned to drink today (8th) and I am planning to not drink on the 9th, so I figure I should drink on the 10th so I do not go through withdrawal…I am worried that I will be using pure will power by then
5. How I will feel before – I will feel calm – although I am worried I am going to be super excited the entire day thinking about having those drinks
6. How I will feel during – I will feel relaxed – I might feel guilty for drinking since I am trying to get control of this
7. How I will feel after – I will feel satisfied, although I will probably be feeling gross from drinking that much and disappointed in myself for actually drinking and actually planning to drink vs not
I am sure that I should be doing a lot of modelling on this, but I am totally overwhelmed at where to start and the planning sounds a bit like justifying. Is this plan counter productive? Or where is the best place to start?
Thank you,