I’m not doing the work

I’m a part of SCS for 2 months now (started in August) but just actually *did* the work for the first 3 weeks. I couldn’t see any improvements or could not acknowledge them, which probably leads to me not doing the work anymore, because I’m scared it won’t work for me. I feel like I fell off the train and now I’m really struggling to get back into SCS and actually doing the work. Even if I set a specific time in my calendar where I plan to work on the months homework, listen to the podcasts etc., I’m just unable to do it. If I try to get back into it, I can feel myself doing it halfhearted.

I worked with some models around it to create thoughts like: “Change is possible” or “SCS will work for me” etc. etc. But yes still I lack willingness to do the work.

I appreciate any help from you!