I’m not qualified for this (part 2)

Hi coaches, thank you so much for the insight on my last post.  After diving deep on what you posted, I think the reason for not feeling qualified is a little deeper.

I have this confusion between when a therapist is right for someone Vs. a coach. At the moment my rule of thumb is that when the person has no diagnosed medical illness (when it comes to the thing they want coaching on), and are high functioning – then it’s okay for me to coach them. Although I do actually see other coaches coaching on things like panic disorder, anxiety and even eating disorders etc. so I wonder if that rule of thumb is even true!

I think ultimately what I worry about is that am I even ALLOWED to coach certain people?   I always make it clear that this is not psychotherapy, etc. but I have this terrible fear that I’m actually not legally allowed to coach this person, and if something ever happens I could get into a lot of trouble because I have no authority coaching.

My client has IBS, and has seen various medical practitioners about it in the past. She often has flare ups, and that is when her self love/body image dips and she starts to have dysmorphic thoughts. I coach her on how to feel during these times, and how to show up for herself even although she physically may not be feeling her best.

I guess what I’m saying is that if I knew 100% that coaching IS ALLOWED, then I would have certainty about my situation and think a better thought for myself. But right now I have confusion like “When do I know if I need to advise her to go to a psychotherapist?” “What is allowed and what isn’t allowed?” “Is this legally allowed even though life coaching is not a recognised field and is not regulated?”

I never give my client advice or anything, I just show her what she’s thinking, and give her different perspectives that are more in line with where she wants to be and her goal and ultimately allow her to choose.

Here is my model:
C: Coaching call with client on body love
T: What if I’m not allowed to be coaching her, and I’m not qualified.
F: Fear
A: Hesitant in coaching call; hesitant towards her; make it clear several times that I am not a medical practitioner; not plan ahead for our coaching calls; worry that I’m not doing the right thing; worry that I don’t know what I’m doing;  worry that I can’t help her; worry that I’m not allowed to be doing this
R: Don’t show up 100% as her coach

Thank you so much!