I’m not sure if I should go back or not

To keep this short, I have depression and anxiety. It got really bad last year so I dropped out of college. I ended up getting an entry level full time job but as a contractor. I do not like it and don’t enjoy it. Now with the corona virus, I’m in danger of losing my position and now my parents are urging me to go back to school full time, whether I lose my job or not.

I don’t really know what to do at this point, I didn’t really enjoy college but I had no clue what to do there so I thought dropping out would give me time to decide. Now I’m in the same position again but out of college. I’m working on my own side business that I enjoy but I haven’t made any money from it yet so at this point I can’t really rely on that. I’m not sure what to do now or how to decide my next steps. What is the right way to decide? Any tips I should keep in mind? Thank you 🙂