I’m overwhelmed already!

Hi Brooke
I have too many goals and too many commitments. I’m finding it hard to phrase them right, they feel too nebulous. Also, things keep changing and I don’t know if that’s ok (oops – there’s my first “I don’t know!”).

Here’s some examples:
Goals and commitments – for 2017:
I want to look at myself and other people and for my/their appearance to mean nothing about who I am/who they are
I want to find peace in my relationship
I want to stop being at the mercy of envy and comparison

I find it really hard to work out actions for each of these – in the podcast workbook, for example, with the questions like “document the competing desires” and “massive daily actions”: it’s difficult to be specific with goals like these. Then, when I try to break the goals down into more specific, smaller goals, I end up with so many goals!!

Also, I have this goal of losing weight in Jan, which I have decided means doing a certain diet, and I have already changed the diet a bit because it was really pretty tight (about 600 cals a day) and every time I have done this diet in the past I have regained the weight. And so I think maybe a better goal is to lose weight with a less strict diet (giving up the 600 cals a day diet is massive for me, I just can’t let go of the “need” to “do it one more time and be successful this time!” thinking). But then I think “that’s just a cop out” and I take messages from your work like “come on – blow your own mind! Stick to it, you can do it. Anything more than 600 cals is BUFFERING”.

I keep moving about from: goal = lose weight to goal = not care about weight to goal = leave my partner NOW to goal = learn how to love my partner as he is……..

I’m going a bit mad, to be honest.

Thanks. Sorry I can’t come on the calls, it might be better if I could. Or perhaps it wouldn’t, as I might take up the ENTIRE call…..