I’m so lethargic without flour & sugar. Is that typical withdrawal and will it end?

Hi! 🌸
I’m starting Brooke’s eating regime today. I am having one meal at 12 noon and the other meal at 5 PM, I am avoiding flour and sugar. In the morning I will have black coffee with some cream and a couple drops of Stevia, I hope that’s OK.

So here is my question, I have done this regimen before and I got very lethargic. Absolutely no energy. Should I just drink more black coffee to counteract that going forward or should I add a good carb like fruit? I was without energy for about a week the last time, so I gave it up because it was miserable not to mention I was so moody my husband wanted to kick me out! 🤪.
I also felt depression when I was fat adapted, is that normal? Super gloomy.
The second I had sugar I felt so euphoric I couldn’t believe it! It must’ve raised my dopamine and I felt so positive again and it took the depression away. Maybe I’m not a candidate for being fat adapted? Are some people just carb burners? I did an elaborate test at my gym a couple of years ago where I had to breathe into this tube for a long time and she said I was a carb burner. I’m wondering if this is significant.)

But I really want to give it a try again, so what are your suggestions?

PS: today I weighed 160 and by June 27 I want to be 8 pounds down. 👍

Thank you!