I’m terrified with this choice – please help

Hi Brooke,

I’m not sure if my questions came through yesterday because of internet troubles so I wanted to post again.

I want to choose my niche as: I help introverted women overcome conflict anxiety with their overlying controlling mother.

I’m trying to do some self coaching on this because choosing this niche feels like my purpose but I have so much anxiety as well.

(1) My mum is a very private person and doesn’t want anything about her to be public
(2) My mum is terrified of what people think about her
(3) She’s terrified of group attack (aka if I chose this niche she’d think it’s her ultimate fear – everyone in the world against her)

How do I choose a niche that hurts my mum? I want to help these women know they’re not a victim and it’s only their thoughts hurting them, not their mothers, so my reason is for empowerment and not to blame mothers.

At the same time, my marketing and copy will need to involve my story and some parts of what I went through with my mum so I can connect with my target market.

Is it okay to choose a niche and share information that will hurt someone else? Intuitively I feel like the answer is yes because I’m not responsible for her feelings. I don’t plan on sharing too much + I don’t plan on painting her in a bad light, just stating facts about what was said or done and how I was thinking and feeling. But I still feel so much resistance so I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thank you so much 🙂