I’m the Affair Partner

After dating a man for nine months, I found out he was married. We stopped seeing each other multiple times for nearly six months but one of us ends up reaching back out to connect.

I enjoy my relationship with him. Yes, I do carry some guilt because he’s married. I am very triggered when he goes home. It seems crazy to say that I want to manage my mind around HIS life, so I can be in MY life.

I really enjoy our time together (it’s not all physical). I want to have peace around his world, while giving him the space to do what he needs/wants to do. I have struggled with this concept in all my relationships, not just this one. I have a tendency to struggle with setting boundaries with the people in my life, while trying to force my manual on them. Is that possible? 😂😂.

I’m not sure I’ve ever really had peace while in a relationship. I have a very anxious attachment style, trying to force outcomes, and practically begging for reassurance. I remained single for 15 years when I realized it’s easy to manage out of love, but once I’m in love…..there it is!

I keep thinking this relationship showed up for me to truly overcome my mind in this area. Have peace in my life, while my partner lives theirs.