I’m tired of how I manage our house

Hi coaches!

The model really helped me with the shame and frustration I had about how I manage our home, which I now see as neutral, but now that I’ve spent a good amount of time no longer beating myself up… I’m not actually creating a home environment that I want. I want clear surfaces, organized closets, repaired furniture where relevant… and although I’m SO grateful that I’m no longer making it a huge drama, I feel like now it’s time for Phase 2, where I actually take action.

But I really don’t believe that I have the skill set to do it. I was planning to hire an organizer. Maybe there are just skills on the ground that some people have, or have developed, and others don’t? I also have a thought that it’s not possible to have the home the way I want because our family is relatively large and some of my kids are still small, others are creative and love to collect STUFF.

I see that I waste a lot of time dealing with items that pile up, forms that get lost, and I’m tired of marathon cleaning sessions (even though I love the result). Where do you recommend I go with my self coaching to make progress in this area?

Thank you!