I’m working through the Money section under assets and I just did a couple of models

Can you please tell me if I am on track? I listed out all my thoughts around money and then thoughts I would like to have, so I did two models (I’m new so I’m just starting on the mode creation). The first model is for my current situation and the second model is for the first step I would like to accomplish related to money. Am I doing these right?Model 1 – Current situationC – $60K in debt, including credit cards and IRS debtT – I’ll never get this paid off, and I shouldn’t be here.F – Anxiety, Fear, StupidityA – Denial that this exists. I put my head in the sand and ignore what’s going on financially. I don’t want to pay attention to it.R – Still in debt and making no attempts to get this cleared up.Model 2 – What I wantC – One credit card gets paid offT – I will focus on my finances and pay attention.F – In control, Focused, DeterminedA – Pick one credit card to pay off and do it with next commission check.R – First credit card gets completely paid off.I appreciate your input and confirmation that I am on the right path.