I’m "yellow Sunshine"

We recently had Discovery Insights do a faculty development course for us and they gave us a 25 question survey to figure out what “color” or personal style we each are. Blue was more analytical, Red was more assertive, green more nurturing and yellow (me) was more fun loving. I was mostly the yellow with a strong component of green and decent amount of red. Very very little blue, which I intuitively knew about myself, but my role at work as a researcher requires a lot of analytical skills. I’ve gotten around it by collaborating with others who are super analytical to help me, so it’s fine. But I also then started to question if I was even on the “right” path for me. I go between thinking that I’m up for the challenge and can adapt to the needs, vs making this be the “aha moment” when I discover I was pushing against my natural strengths of being an educator and clinical researcher (smaller analytical needs than basic science research). I feel like the times I’ve excelled the most and gotten the most joy out of my work has been when I’m leaning into my social nature. The other job I’m trying to do often requires me to focus alone in a room and it sort of feels like torture and I’m so disappointed when I compare myself to others who do this naturally!! Ahhhh, I know I’m spinning in indecision, and could use some words of wisdom. Thanks!