Immense shame

Hi there. I’m a coach, and I had my 20th out of 20 sessions with a client tonight. She is also a friend of mine. Her husband recently lost his job due to COVID layoffs. She’s told me that she wants to continue coaching with me for sure, she finds it so valuable, but that with one income it isn’t feasible right now.

I got curious and asked her questions as a coach. Then, after I asked her “if the results you want were guaranteed, would you be able to come up with the resources to do this for yourself?” and she got very upset (my T, but stay with me here). Her face went red and she said “Okay, as a client and as a friend, I think you’re being a little pushy and I find it very disrespectful. I told you it isn’t feasible and you keep asking questions.” I felt MORTIFIED. Mortified. Fucking mortified.

I know it’s because I’m thinking: I did something wrong, I was wrong, I’ll lose her as a friend, I wasn’t being a coach.

But I also feel like if she WASN’T my friend, I would ask her these questions – I would help her find the honest truth for her, like a coach does.

I feel such shame. I feel like I did something wrong. I’m blaming her Ts and Fs on myself.

I’d love help processing through this. Am I wrong?