I have been working on weight loss for 2 years.
I am practicing constraint in the sense that all the other areas in my life that I want to work on get pushed aside.
I start on several things, but keep reminding myself to keep the focus on weight loss, and to stop all the projects I have started. Like a yo-yo I keep circling back to the other tempting workbooks and themes, but the only other topic I allow myself is Monday Hour One.

Now I feel I have changed in many ways. I have gotten further along on the path to my best self even in other areas just through the weight loss work, as a bonus, but still this problem remains:

I do want to focus on weight loss until I reach my goal weight.
I have been losing and gaining and am now about the same weight as I was 2 years ago.
I am very very impatient about my goal number to appear on the scale so I can FINALLY get to work on my relationships, my business, my over drinking, etc.

My model is:
C: Goal is losing 44 pounds. Have been doing thought work, writing my protocol and weighing daily for 2 years.
T This is going too slow
F: impatience
A: writing protocols I don’t follow, making calculations to see how many pounds I need to lose pr day, beating myself up for not following my protocol, hating my body, trying to imagine future me, practicing processing urges, doing thought work
R: moving slowly forward ?