Importance of timing and maintaining composure.

The last coaching I received we talked about my job and how toxic the work environment was . I am leaving my job and having anxiety attacks just about everyday . The decision has been made but I am scared of the consequences it could have and how it will all play out .
I am worried about how this could impact me and people around me .
I have another job offer and they want me to join as soon as possible but I am having a hard time making the move to let management and my partners know of my decision .
It’s not that I don’t have the courage but I am thinking about the timing of it . I have a huge test/exam coming up which is necessary for my future job and I am thinking if I should wait and sit for the exam first and then deal with whatever comes from breaking the news at my present job .
Need to discuss with Brooke what would be the best course so that it causes the least issues and I can be my authentic self and leave with dignity .