Impossible Goal.

My impossible goal for 2019 is to earn $200,000 in income which is about 500% more than I am currently bringing in a business and growth coach in my own business. I plan to accomplish this by December 15, 2019 so that I can take the rest of the month off to enjoy the holidays with my family. The evidence to show this will be my tax return and bank statements.

As of today, the most I have ever earned in income for myself is $60,000. There is a lot of anxiety and fear around this goal and the biggest is that I will fail again at not achieving it which will then only lend evidence to my self talk and the belief of my husband that I’m not capable of earning that kind of money in my business. Only to reinforce the idea that this is not the business I should be in and I should just go and get a job which I know I still won’t make more than $40K a year at.

Sometimes the FEAR around this is paralyzing as I also believe that if I do make this income goal then I may not have a marriage either. Only because it will mean that I am going to have to show up differently not only to me but to my husband. I don’t believe that he is able to handle the alone time he will have with himself and my moving forward will only cause a bigger riff between us. Especially since he is retired and doesn’t really have a purpose of his own or feel needed like he did as a military naval officer. We have many things going on right now with our family, him, that I am sometimes overwhelmed with who I need to be for all of them. I’m not the same stay at home wife and mother I was for over 25 years and everyone is having a difficult time adjusting to me not always being there for them the way they think I should be.

How does one effectively stand in how they need to show up to reach their goals without destroying what you already have?

Thank you so much for all the information and guidance that you provide on your calls.

Cindy Kojm