Impossible Goal $127,000.75 or $250,000?

I would like you to clarify just how “impossible” our goal should feel to us. In week 3 in August I defined my goal as it related to my purpose to be making $127,000 and 75 cents in my business by next September to be my “eek” business goal. Big enough that it felt doable, and the right amount so that going for it felt a little bit uncomfortable. I choose this exact number because $128,000 felt unreachable and unrealistic, like a made up number. But this doesn’t feel right as an “impossible” goal. Is this my impossible goal, or could my impossible goal be some crazy rounded up number like a quarter of a million dollars ($250,000), like something you would win in the lotto, by the end of 2020. Something I’m not actually going to hit, so I’m not risking anything by going for it. With lots of epic fails. Thanks for your clarifying advice.