Impossible Goal 2.0 ( Dec 7)

Hello Brooke, You helped me work out my impossible goal once before. You came up with this GREAT phrase..” Everything in my home is loved and used, an in it’s place consistently by the end of the day.” PERFECT, however, what really makes my heart race, palms sweat and is being in an RV by Summer 2018–Dec 2018. In A Class B or a Regular size Van that has been converted into a recreation vehicle/ living space. No, this isn’t because of financial difficulties I haven’t had to work a regular type job since I retired from the military at age 38 (pension). Before I started listening to you this year I was ALWAYS annoyed by people questioning why I didn’t go get another job I’d say, “after that 20 years of self inflicted unhappiness I have NO DESIRE to work for anyone but Oprah or Ellen.” At the rate you are moving I might be able to add you to that list (SMILE)….Then would come the thoughts, “but the life you are living is a BORE and lonely. I believe RVing around the country visiting friends, family and Traveling/Exploring the U.S. is what I desire. I THINK my ORIGINAL impossible goal fit’s perfectly into this more impossible challenging goal. I need to declutter and organize my current home to help me live more comfortably in that small space hence adapting the minimalist life style I also think is a fabulous peaceful existence.