Impossible goal 2019 and when to take a rest

As a self-coaching scholar I set my impossible goal for 2019 which is to start working as digital marketer and earn 100K. Along with my full time job, family, home… with zero experience and zero audience…true, very very impossible, I know. But, this is it, my impossible goal, and I’ll go for it. By the way, I was hoping Life coach school has an affiliate program because I thought I could work as an affiliate for you with a lot of passion, but I was told you don’t have one… I would appreciate if you let me know if you’ll create one… 🙂 Well, one of my doubts about achieving this impossible goal is will I be able to plan my time so good that I will ever have some free time, time to rest, to enyoy, with no obligations… I understand that this is about time management (planning) and thought management (overwhelm is just a feeling) but I’m afraid I’ll be short of my spare time, and my question is when will I know that I have to take a rest, without feeling guilty for it….
Thank you and best wishes,