Impossible Goal 2019

Brooke, et al…

I wrote to you yesterday and told you that my word for 2019 is “capable.” Then I watched the Intro and Homework videos for December where you asked us to write to you about what our Impossible Goal for 2019 is.

My goal for 2019 is the same as yours (not copying, promise). I want to double my business revenue.

Right now, I own a successful medical practice that will gross about $1.2 million this year. I built it from the ground up 4 1/2 years ago, saving it from near bankruptcy in 2016. It is called Virtuosa Gyn. I just signed a merger with a larger company of Ob/Gyns to help overcome some of the business structure/support difficulties in growing from a small practice to a larger one. My practice name will change in the next 6 months from Virtuosa Gyn to Virtuosa Women’s Health. I expect the practice to gross an additional $500k in the next year as we transition.

My passion is for making surgery easier for women. I’m one of the top minimally invasive gyn surgeons in the country, but I’m sitting pretty quietly in my corner of the world doing my work (which my patients love). This doesn’t have a far enough reach to influence how women’s surgery is delivered. I can only do some many cases. I want to disrupt the market, which requires me to also disrupt how our gyn surgeons are educated and mentored. I am one of a small group of advanced gyn surgeons who focus on complex benign gyn procedures, do almost all outpatient work, use very little narcotic for pain control, and have fast recoveries with drastically lower complication rates for our patients.

I’m within 20 surgeries of crossing the 1000 mark for robotic surgeries completed. A big deal in my field.

But I am not a big deal. I’m just a little girl who doesn’t like conflict, and has a small voice. I’ve struggled my whole life with being told I was incapable, first by my dad, and then by my ex-husband of 21 years…..becoming an overachiever and achieving great things, but still not really owning in my own soul that I AM capable. This has held me back from personally developing to my next level and it’s what I’m working on for 2019.

I have a 3 year goal to build my own $5M building, which will be called Virtuosa Center for Women’s Surgery. It will have my offices upstairs and my own OR downstairs, which will include my own robot (a $1.3m piece of equipment). The OR will be it’s own business entity, as a licensed Ambulatory Surgery Center. I can do this, moving out of the hospital for inpatient surgeries, because the techniques I’ve developed (and others like me) make about 96% of women’s surgeries outpatient procedures.

The other part of this dream is to teach other gyn surgeons how to do what I do. I’m not an academic, so this is a very disruptive model to those who are, but I have a lot more freedom to do things the way I think they need to be done outside of the constraints of academia. I have connections with other great robotic gyn surgeons in academics who are looking for solutions to the problem of training emerging residents, so I’ve got a way to make this surgery center a training center for other surgeons. I’m already a proctor for Intuitive Surgical (the company the makes daVinci surgical robots).

I’ve already failed a few times at trying to create online teaching resources….I’m working on version 4.2 now. lol….

In figuring out how to teach others, I’ve just founded a new online blog/business called Virtuosa Surgery. The site is getting built right now and I’ve hired a publicist to help develop me from being a small private doc in San Antonio to an internet influencer through this site. It is a lifestyle blog about women’s surgeries, so that I can directly educate the public about the advances in our field and how to look for doctors in their area that are doing similar. I’ll be addressing a lot of the issues highlighted in the recent Netflix documentary called “The Bleeding Edge.”

In setting the goal to double my business revenue, this website is the major factor. This year I will build the site and begin my work to become a social influencer, monetizing the site, not by click ads, but rather by sponsors (more like Rachel Hollis does with “The Chic Site.”) This is the slow, deliberate way to build a business for this purpose, rather than the quick way.

The next piece of the plan will be to figure out how to coach other gyn surgeons to successfully do what I’ve done. Be able to drop the OB and run a successful surgical practice. I have business partners who share this dream. To this end, I’ve been considering signing up to learn how to be a coach from you, on the entrepreneurial pathway, but I’m not sure the timing is right. Maybe in 2020, after the other pieces are in place, this would be the time. I’m pretty sure I could apply what you are doing as coaching to coaching other gyn surgeons in their businesses and private lives so that they can expand the work that I’m teaching and more women can have better, easier, safer surgeries.

The last piece will be to create a foundation. A place to give back.

Well. There you have it. You asked for Impossible. This looks pretty daunting….but I like what you have to say about mindset and personal growth and will be applying them to the year ahead. Thanks.