Impossible Goal 2020: On Schedule & No BufferingAdhere exactly to the schedule planned the day before.

I decided that my impossible goal for 2020 will be to adhere exactly to my google calendar without buffering. This means that I will plan out my day’s plan a day in advance and it will include time chunks for when to eat (and what to eat), when to work on specific tasks, when to run errands, when to go to work, and when to have free time, etc. My impossible goal is is going to be measured as a success by collecting at least 500 beads in my urge jar (fill it 5 times) by 11pm on Dec 31st, 2020. This will be a testament to all the times that I did not want to stay on schedule but did anyway.

I’m filling out the December workbook questions and am now unsure how to fill out page 29 where I am supposed to list “the actions I can take for the next 3 months that I will likely fail at.” I had planned that all of my fails would be instances where I broke off of schedule or decided to indulge in buffering or something like overwhelm, confusion, boredom or “giving myself a break” instead of sticking to my schedule.

I want to make sure that I count individual deviations from schedule as fails, for example if I allow myself to skip everything else that is on the schedule after a single “slip up” that each task missed should count as a fail. But when I think about this I start to think that maybe I will have too many fails and all of them not be “epic” enough. However, I don’t think that this matters since I know that the attempt to stick strictly to schedule is going to cause me to grow tremendously as a person.

So since my fails will be so “small” and probably pretty frequent, should I approach the 25 epic fails homework differently? I feel like I won’t know what action led to the failure until it has already happened, and then it will be something like, “I was tired last night and decided to not plan my day today, so then I let myself off the hook for the only things that were planned.” or “I planned a meal that was not filling enough so I decided to break protocol because my stomach growling was really uncomfortable, distracting, and embarrassing.” This listing of fails is different than people listing the failure that came from trying something out of their comfort zone in order to make their goal/dream more likely to come to fruition. Do I have the right idea of how I should fill out the log on page 31? Action taken would be the excuse, and result would be the schedule item missed, or what I ended up doing instead? Also should I leave page 30 blank since I will be trying the same strategy every day, by merely finding a time to plan exactly how I will spend the next day? Sorry that was quite a ramble, and thank you in advance!! Also if you have any other feedback regarding my impossible goal, I would love any advice.