Impossible Goal 2020 ~ to win an Oscar

I love the idea of my IG being to win an Oscar, but I’ve been researching the timeline and I don’t think it will work because:
1. The Oscars take place in March
2. Oscar nominations are released in January

So I was thinking maybe I would make my IG get nominated for an Oscar in 2021, and be able to confirm whether I made it in January 2021 when the nominations are announced. (Still after the December 31 deadline, but not as far out as March of 2021).

But then I started digging into the process by which a film can be nominated, and it needs to be released, potentially go to film festivals, and then play for at least 7 days in a theater in LA. Short films need to play at a qualifying film festival.

I don’t know that I have time to be cast in a film that will shoot, be edited and make the film festival circuit in time to be nominated by next year. Even a short film would have to be completed by mid-summer to submit to film festivals to be accepted in time to qualify for next year’s awards.
Not sure if this is brain trying to prove that it’s truly impossible and possibly this is not useful information.

Mostly, I was curious if there’s another similar goal I could take on. Like get cast in a film with an Oscar-nominated producer, director, actor, editor or DP?

That way I’m on the right track, making the kinds of quality films I care about, but also have the year to do the work?
Would love some feedback.