Impossible Goal

I am an aspiring screenwriter who never wrote an entire screenplay.
I set out for myself to have an impossible goal of completing a first draft of a screenplay in five days, which means, about 18 pages per day.
I’ve read a lot about how writing the first draft as fast as possible have great advantages like inquiring the skill of writing without questioning and editing myself, getting a complete first draft done fast without constantly rethinking the concept and story, and it affords (or rather requires) a clear and focused work ability.

So we are now in July and I failed to meet this goal not because of worthy fails but because I simply procrastinated and didn’t write as well as changed my mind about which screenplay to write at least four times.

Now my husband is away for the entire week and I thought it would make the perfect week to take on this impossible goal and write 18 pages everyday for five consecutive days.

I was wondering if you could assist me with focus thoughts that will generate motivation for me for this truly impossible (for me) task, but which many other writers have done and remained alive? 🙂