Impossible goal, 25 results/failures

I am questioning my impossible goal (December’s work) and the 25 results/failures for Q1. I structured the 25 based on becoming the person that could achieve that IG. My IG is a financial goal and most of the 25 are “top-notch me” results, e.g. establishing my workout regiment, cleaning up my diet, establishing and following a budget (from a place of responsibility, not scarcity), working on relationships, etc…. The reason I structured my 25 this way is that I have no idea HOW the IG will present itself (the proof is tax return) and I am following the belief that I don’t have to know the HOW, just be open to receiving it. I thought all this was the right approach, then I partially shared my IG with my husband who, of course, wanted to know the how. He wanted clarification like “are you just getting into the mindset to make more money, which is totally cool if that’s what you’re saying, or do you know for sure you have more money coming as in you’ve made the sales and you have a commission check coming?” Living “as-if” is tricky when you have to explain yourself to others. This tripped me up, making me think I need more specific job related results/failures, but I go back to the belief I hold that this goal isn’t necessarily tied to my current job. Talk me through this. I’ve had a difficult time articulating this on my 20-minute coaching calls, getting off on other topics.