Impossible Goal!

I’ve want my impossible goal to be making $500K gross revenue from my business in 2018. I had a few of them in the top three – losing 100 pounds, buying a Tesla, training for a marathon – but I know that to create $500K for myself next year will 100% make me into the person that can do all of those other things, no problem. Losing 100 pounds seems possible but hard. Training for a marathon, same. A Tesla just requires money. My original target for my business in 2018 was $250K which seems possible, but definitely a stretch. Doubling that seems flat-out ridiculous and crazy, so I’m all in. My current lifestyle of buffering through discomfort will not get me to $500K – which means creating a work and eating and training plan, and sticking to them, will be critical. I will not have time to buffer with food or anything else.