Impossible goal 55kgs

My impossible goal was not to want to eat flour and sugar anymore and amazingly, it’s already worked. I felt my urges on purpose by exposing myself to recipe videos, to bakeries, to buffets… and I just don’t want them anymore. Thank you!!!

So I’m considering taking the next step which was way beyond impossible in December but, why not? What if I could weigh 55kgs by the 31st of December? It means losing 8kgs. I know the facts are just a bunch of numbers, that’s it, but I’ve got this deep-seated belief that anyone, but me, could do it. And I’ve got evidence for it: I haven’t been able to do it more than 1 or 2 days for 30 years. So it feels like a lost cause.

Since I’m terrified by this idea, I was thinking of going all in with the terror as I did for the urges – I’m going to dedicate 5 to 10 minutes a day to feeling the terror at the idea of trying to weigh 55kgs. What do you think?