Impossible goal achieved!

I wanted to share an exciting win. I decided to make my IG to have a half a million dollar business. I grossed $130k last year (so $500k was a BIG stretch!)

I’ve been working away and business has grown. June and July have been really profitable months.

I’m about to hit $40k for July. And I just realized that this means I’m currently running a half a million dollar business RIGHT NOW! Because at this rate I will easily top my goal in the next 12 months.

I could choose to believe I’m not there yet, because after all I haven’t collected the entire sum yet, but there’s no upside for that so instead I’m choosing to claim this goal as a win for myself.

Here is the model I have been using all year:

C Business
T I’m willing to keep experimenting until I reach my IG
F Motivated
A Follow my plans, evaluate results, be willing to adjust
R Reach my goal and be the $500k business owner right now

Thank you for inspiring me and encouraging us to go big!

Much love to Brooke and the SCS team