Impossible Goal Achieved!

Today, I am the future self who achieved the Impossible Goal! when I was looking for inspiration to start my journey to lose weight and free myself from a sugar habit that has spanned my lifetime I set an Impossible Goal. I will be writing a letter to my past self today. I will tell the me, the one who set an Impossible Goal last December, all about the journey. What I need to do, the obstacles I had to overcome, the urges to feel, mind chatter to manage, the exhilaration I felt, all of it. This will be a reminder for all future Impossible Goals I set. First I was conservative with a goal weight but set something scary, unbelievable, and one that felt impossible. I now weigh that scary number. I weigh what I did over twenty years ago, before three children, and when I was a professional ballet dancer. Now I know I can do anything I set my mind too. My future self tells me so, and I believe her!