Impossible goal – again

Here I am again, 12 months later and nowhere near the impossible goal I set last year. I want to recommit but my model already starts off feeling defeated. It’s my third year in scholars and though I have achieved so many other things and developed so much as a person, I have been unable to stop buffering with food and stop my binge-diet cycle. Last year my goal was to lose 15 pounds and here I am, the exact same weight. Do I recommit?

Here is my model:
C- this month’s homework is to create an impossible goal
T- I want to lose 15 pounds but I said that last year and didn’t achieve it
F – defeated
A – question if I should try again or just accept, beat myself up, pity, feel sad
R- still weigh the same.

C – same
T- I don’t want to set myself up again for disappointment
F – resigned
A- focus on other things, stop thinking about dieting
R- achieve other goals but weigh the same.

I’m not sure if I should just accept my weight or recommit!