Impossible Goal ( Aha and clarity needed )

So I have been back and forth with listing ideas for my impossible goal. And here is where I got stuck. I have an IG to make a million dollars in my business.

When I say that though – I don’t completely freak out. I think it’s because I truly “believe” that anything IS possible when you put your mind to it.

But YET – my current results are at $240K ( so obviously there is a disconnect )

I think it may just be a “languaging” thing in my own brain and would love your feedback.
So if I say my IG is to have 1 million dollars in revenue in 2020. Part of me believes that its totally possible and the other part of me is like “how the hell you gonna do that?” . Is that a correct choice of IG? It feels like my brain is half in and half out.

I suppose the next step would be for me to begin to map out how? and as all those obstacles pop up – begin to solve them?

Felling tripped up by my own brain in this moment.