Impossible Goal and 25 Actions/Fails Clarification, thank you!

Hello Brooke and Coaches!

So happy to be headed into 2019 as a Certified Life Coach and Diamond Member!

My impossible goal is to earn $150,000 in 2019 from Teaching and Coaching.

Just want to be sure I have my brainstorm actions that support this goal and the list of 25 actions confirmed to ensure I’m on track with this work.

Making $150,000 in 2019 means making daily offers (more than in 2018) not only that, adjusting my pricing and payment terms a bit when it comes to my Mindfulness Training.

The first six months of 2019 will look different than the last 6 months of 2019.

Q1 and Q2 are focused on:

Teaching existing clients (Yoga & Meditation)

Teaching Mindfulness Trainings (on books now)

Teaching NEW clients Mindfulness Trainings (see goals)

30 Day Meditation Challenge at CrossFit boxes (new)

Coaching PAID Clients (new)

Q3 and Q4 will be focused on:

Coaching Business (and will have transitioned out of teaching both movement and trainings at companies to focus exclusively on coaching)

Actions Brainstorm for Q1

Daily Reach Outs for Mindfulness Trainings (5 new, 5 follow ups) no matter what Monday-Friday
That’s making 25 offers every week consistently for 3 months = 150 offers total
Constrain focus to colleges, hospitals and sales
Contact every college in Mass and Rhode Island
Contact every college in Mass and Rhode Island
Find the Sales Manager and/or Director at Sales Organizations that have budgets to spend on training
Which would need the time blocked off to pull together all lists of reach outs
A custom email to them
A follow up email to them
13 week content strategy for these groups (Monday Mantra, Tiny Technique Tuesday, Thursday Blog)
Charging $2,000 for 4 sessions instead of $1,000
Charging mileage for new clients
Decided that looking into creating a course would take up too much time and would rather spend the time and energy taking my content and applying it in my coaching business/niche

30 Day Meditation Challenge

Created idea, structure and pricing
Met with 3 potential boxes
Shared with 3 other potential boxes
Not assigning any financial goal but approaching this as market research for my 2019 niche focus and proof of concept while still getting paid (in other words not doing this for free totally)
Came down from $500 for 2 presentations to $297 after meeting with 2 boxes (feedback was it was too high for them)
Still sticking with charging $25 for members to participate since I know that is what most fees are around challenges

Coaching Clients

Not currently coaching any clients at this time but when I do, my rate will be $125 per session


$150k = $37,500 every 3 months ($12,500 per month)

What’s my Mindfulness Training Goal and Coaching Goal?


10 new companies at $2,000 ($20,000)

10 new clients $125 8 week program (just as an example) $10,000

Make the rest up in existing clients and what’s scheduled on the books now

Would 25 Actions Look Like This?

1. Daily Reach Out, Monday-Friday, 5 New Prospects for Mindfulness Training
2. Daily Reach out, Monday-Friday, 5 Follow Up Prospects for Mindfulness Training (this includes anyone I’ve reached out to in the past or who said no, etc. it’s not a first time introduction)
3. Schedule 90 minutes on Fridays and Commit to Researching 25 New Prospects so by the end of the 90 minutes I’ll have my new list to call on the following week
4. Write/Updated Email Template to New Prospects…consider what else would be worthy to share with them for 2019?
5. Write/Updated Follow Up Template for Follow Up Email
6. Continue with my 13 week content strategy for Q1 which means every Monday I post Monday Mantra, every Tuesday I post Tiny Technique Tuesday and every Thursday I post a blog
7. Schedule 90 minutes to 2 hours on Fridays and Create this content so that I won’t have to work on it over the weekends, it will just be ready to be shared on scheduled days
8. With new clients, share pricing at $2,000 (instead of $1,000)
9. With new clients, share payment terms as $500 deposit to hold their spot (check can be made out to me) and then I’ll invoice them the balance, net 30 days
10. Since I gave myself the impossible goal of earning my investment back ($18,000) and ended 2018 needing $4,298.18 to hit this goal, continue to make offers and secure clients until I hit $18,000
11. Say no to opportunities that cost me time and money (third party companies that do not pay on time and it isn’t worth doing)
12. Suggest bigger companies to break sessions up into 2 groups and back to back class times
13. Complete sessions 5-8 content by February (just need to type it out but have what I am teaching/techniques ready)

Since I’m not currently coaching any paid clients the rest of the 25 Fails focus on that.

I started to come up with that list.

1. Coach myself daily in mornings as I have been in Scholars and now Diamond Member
2. Met group for breakfast and asked niche questions, now reviewing answers
3. Decide and commit to this niche before January 7th call
4. Complete niche worksheet and module 1 in track by January 1st
5. Decide what problem(s) am I solving?
6. Clarity around my program and offer
7. “7” idea (Free bee)
8. Brainstorm other free bee ideas
9. Follow up with CrossFit Boxes and schedule time to go in and deliver the 30 day Meditation Challenge
10. Find a better workspace to coach clients if it’s by phone versus going to them
11. Learn and create an email list that is my niche

I noticed that I am not listing out things I already do because it’s habit but now I’m curious if they should be included as part of this list? For instance my daily scholars work, meditation, macro and meal prep, workouts, yoga practice, quickbooks/invoicing clients. My continued habits/routine absolutely contributes to what a $150,000 earner would look like but because it’s such habit for me to do it, there’s no negotiation, so do they still get included in the list. Does that make sense? It’s kind of like brushing my teeth. I will never fail to do that and with the list I listed above, I won’t fail on those things. Or, would it be just 1 of them as in “honor my health & wellness routine?”

I am making more room/time and constraint around the Entrepreneur track and teachers/podcasts.

Thank you for letting me share (always helps to write/type it out)

Looking forward to your thoughts and feedback!