Impossible Goal And Thought Work

I have an IG that I think would be perfect to work towards – and actually achievable with the right mindset (and impossible with my current). So that’s perfect. But… when I look at it and the activities set I already feel that I will be wanting to spend the majority of my time doing thought work to be able to even attempt the activities/fails. Since this is about the journey and personal development, is that such a bad thing?? The alternative feels like it would be a bunch of “failing ahead of time” activities where I take action but don’t fully show up because I won’t have done the thought work I feel is necessary to finish – isn’t it ok enough to look at the activity planned and then spend time doing thought work first in order to show up properly so it’s not a planned ahead fail? Or do I have to do the activity without the thought work (if not enough time)? I don’t see how I’d grow from that. Thank you!